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How to get the 24 Karat Gold Mica with Rose Clay


24 Karet Gold Mica


24K gold sparkling mica makes your bathroom look elegant and smell heavenly. Made with Palm oil, coconut oil, rose kaolin clay the colors burst with vibrant and suttle pinks with white and gold as accents. There is a trace of activated charcoal in the soap as well. You will relax niceley in your tub or shower.
Ingredients: 24 karat gold mica, Rose clay, distilled water, food-grade lye, organic coconut oil, palm oil, organic olive oil, clean cotton essential oil, titanium dioxide, activated charcoal, and cocoa butter. Here is how to buy your loved one 24 karat gold mica soaps, add to your cart, and purchase. You will be the winner every time your love walks into their private area and sees the bar of beautiful red kaolin clay soap with gold. Do you want to use this beauty or showcase it? That will be your personal decision. With each order, you receive a free bar of homemade soap, wedding cake for all.


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