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Super Enriching Aloe Vera Soap with Sugar Grapefruit Fragrance Oil


Super Enriching Aloe Vera Soap with Sugar Grapefruit Fragrance Oil


Our Aloe Vera bar is perfect for traveling. It’s a smaller bar that can fit into your travel bag easily, much larger than the hotel soaps. Our Super Enriching Aloe Vera Soap not only has the aloe vera leaf juice but we also dehydrated the aloe leaves then place them in a grinder and grind into a fine powder and add the fresh ground aloe leaves back into the soap. This also adds a wonderful exfoliation to your soap to help remove dead and dry skin to reveal the new growth of new skin cells. We have added a few granules of activated charcoal to enhance the genuine cleanliness of this wonderfully powerful soap. The additional soap ingredients included in this super terrific aloe soap are Virgin Olive Oil which is high in antioxidants, as Olive Oil is completely pure. Olive Oil is loaded with wonderful vitamins and strong antioxidants. Olive Oil is a very effectic=ve moisturizer. Olive Oil is definitely the beauty secret. Besides being an excellent skin moisturizer the Olive Oil helps stimulate cell repair for firmer and smoother skin. Organic Coconut Oil contains nourishing fatty acids that help hydrate and protect the skin. These include linoleic acid (Vitamin F) which helps skin retain moisture and lauric acid which has antibacterial properties. Coconut Oil is a super cleanser. The super fat used in this soap is Organic Shea Butter. Shea Butter is safe for all types of skin. It’s moisturizing. Shea Butter is easy for your skin to absorb and doesn’t make your skin look oily. This soap also includes in the making sodium hydroxide (Lye). and distilled water. Grapefruit Sugar Fragrance Oil.


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