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Bubble & Body Liquid Bath 8 OZ Bottle


Liquid Bath and Body Soap 8 OZ Bottle fragrance and essential oil free.


Deb’s Stuff Bubble and Body Bath. This is an item I came up with that is non-fragranced for skin sensative customers. I have very sensative skin and I love my long relaxing bubble baths or even a quick shower. This is for both. Just a little bit goes a long way. Pour a capful under running water for a nice bubble bath. Taking a shower just a few drops on your washrag or luffa and it will go a long way. The ingredeints in this wonderful bubble and bath are Castile, Vegtable Glycerine, Aloe Vera Plant Juice extracted from the aloe leaf. No essential Oils are being used, no fragrance is being used. Phenoip (Presevative). This product is for sensative skin and can be used by any age. This is still soap and can be an eye irritant. If soap does enter the eyes rinse eyes with clear water.


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