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Santa’s Sleigh


Santa’s Sleigh with Snow Fragrance Oil.


Santa’s Sleigh a small slice of heavenly scented Snow Fragrance Oil. The natural organic soap is made from Organic Coconut Oil, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Castor Oil, Sodium Hydroxide (Lye), Aloe Juice from an aloe leaf. Mica’s Green, Red, and Titanium Dioxide, with snow on top of each slice of soap. Made with love, happiness, and Organic Coconut Oil, along with Extra Virgin Oil and Castor Oil all work together with the organic aloe juice all help hydrate your skin. Help with keeping your skin smooth. Helps anti-aging and helps with keeping wrinkles at bay. Santa’s Sleigh all Natural and Organic Soap is full of wonderful surprises. The wonderful scent of the Holidays. The slice of Santa’s Sleigh will fill your house with a wonderful aroma of happiness. The fresh-smelling snow fragrance oil will enhance your senses. All of your guests will embrace the wonderful scent throughout your home. Orders yours today as these sell out fast. Get yours today and order another one or two for friends and family.


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